Stopped in while we waited for the power to come back on at the Art Museum.  Great service and excellent espresso.

Went on a long weekend in Columbus trip.  Got delayed by a power outage and almost didn’t go but glad we waiting, well with the visit.

Sunday night dinner in Columbus.  Sat at the bar watching the Penguins close out the Flyers to go on to the 2017/18 Stanley Cup Round 2 playoffs! Great bar, super […]

Not sure about “Unparalleled cocktail experience” but it is a neat place to go, especially if you can sit but the window and watch the short north unfold for an […]

Tight space but excellent food and service.  Save space for dessert.

Great little gem in the middle of Wheeling, WV.  Go in for the wine but don’t forget the food.

A proper coffee shop in Pinehurst Village.  Super friendly people and always a nice crowd.  The fact that it’s in the bookstore makes it even better.

We stopped at the Leadmine for a drink before dinner with Michele and Jeff.  Very neat space. They had just opened and the bartender was eager to talk.  We could […]

A small restaurant in Southern Pines that we had dinner at with Michele and Jeff during our annual Pinehurst trip. Nice small, quite space.  Great food (even the oysters) and […]

Birthday dinner! Typical Deshantz restaurant, well done interior, lots of staff, quality cocktails, wine and food.  We sat at the bar for a bit then headed to the kitchen table […]