Not in Lancaster, but we stopped by Harrisburg on our way home from our trip to Lancaster during stupid COVID-19.  Nice little shop, would be a nifty place to hang […]

Great little, independent LEGO shop in Lancaster, PA that we stopped at on a trip during stupid COVID-19.

We ended up visiting Lititz, PA during our trip to Lancaster, PA during stupid COVID-19 while the annual fire and ice festival was going on.  Lots of people and activity. […]

Had a take-out lunch cheese tray and goodies from here during stupid COVID-19.  Nice cheese selection.

Stupid COVID-19 had us looking for anything to do so we rented a house near Lancaster, PA for a long weekend.  We had take-out from Plough one evening while we […]

First visit was during stupid COVID-19 so we could only get and go but coffee was good and the carrot cake was excellent.  We’ll be going back for sure.

1 cognac 1⁄3 green Chartreuse 2/3 lemon juice 1⁄2 tsp. superfine sugar or simple syrup (I prefer a good drop of honey) 1 dash bitters Shake all ingredients together in […]

First visit was a stupid COVID-19 visit so we could not sit and enjoy, we had to take and go. Nothing better than foggy glasses, snow and an espresso outside […]