There were two bakeries near our hotel on our DC 2021 trip, Tatte and In je ne said Quoi….  Tatte was the place to go to been seen, In je […]

The bar in our DC 2021 hotel.  Nice selection given we were still in stupid COVID-19.  Great staff given the conditions and, all things considered, the food and cocktails were […]

A French bakery with a line, something we are both familiar with and look for.  To top it off, they had great apple juice 😉

Right next to our hotel…since our 2021 DC trip was a wet one, this was perfect.

Stopped in for a lunch time snack while shopping for warm clothes since what was supposed to be 75 in DC was 50.  Nice little lunch spot that’s not too […]

A fantastic, Washington DC rainy night dinner.  We ended up in the upstairs dining room in the corner with two great waiters.  Food was great, wine pairing was spot on […]

We were at the tail end of Cicada 2021 season so we only go a day of the noice but we saw the masses of dead Cicadas all around the […]

Normally this is very much a two bathrobe hotel but, because of stupid COVID-19 we got no bath robes but a nice stay regardless.