Trip #1 – Pittsburgh to Chicago on Thanksgiving Trip #2 – Pittsburgh to DC then back home. I can see why there are “train” people.  It is an easy way […]

Right across the street from Union Station, the National Postal Museum was a final stop on our DC Memorial Day trip. We went to see the Hamilton Pistols which, like a […]

Stopped at Union Station in DC on our way home from our Memorial Day trip, 2018.  Excellent, as expected.

Last minute dinner in DC.  Not much to say here…it was good Mexican, not excellent and not terrible.

While we were in DC the annual Rolling Thunder parade happened to be going on.  Not ones to miss something unique, we sat on an empty Constitution Ave and waited. […]

Mary Catherine saw this as one of the things to see while in DC for the Memorial Day weekend. I expected a field of planted poppies (which, in hindsight, was […]

We’ve gone in the past by accident but this time we went on purpose. The National Building Museum is a beautiful space inside but you can tell it’s not a Smithsonian. […]

We went to see President Obama and the First Lady’s portraits (where were wonderful.) We walked away remarking how realistic Nixon’s looked (it was done by Rockwell) and that JFK […]