COVID-19 Casuality

Restaurants, shops and other things that closed due to stupid COVID-19

Always wanted to stop in but never took the time. Thanks COVID-19 🙁

Got my first “adult” bag here.  They always had great service and a great selection.  Seems like they kept up OK with the move to the Internet but COVID-19 was […]

Just like the other two others (Pointe and Park) which is not a bad thing.

Be prepared and go hungry…like don’t eat for two days hungry.  Also, cheese whiz is awesome.

After moving from Eleven, Chef Stevens opened Union Standard.  The space is huge – three floors of dining with an enormous raw bar in the middle of it all. For […]

We’ve got a number of very good pizza places in Pittsburgh and Pizza Taglio gets added to that list. Great location and interior and a very nice menu of pizza options. […]

Located in the space formally occupied by Notion the Twisted Frenchman does an excellent job of replacing Notion’s high end, very stylized presentation format in East Liberty. The space is small […]

Oh so old school. You get the big room with the circular seating, the ladies in the fancy hats serving and the zeppelin. Oh, the zeppelin, full of prime rib […]