COVID-19 Casualty

Restaurants, shops and other things that closed due to stupid COVID-19

Always wanted to stop in but never took the time. Thanks stupid COVID-19.

Got my first “adult” bag here.  They always had great service and a great selection.  Seems like they kept up OK with the move to the Internet but stupid COVID-19 […]

Small, out of the way and far better than I would have expected.  This was an unfortunate stupid COVID-19 casualty.

Another great place for dinner in the Short North.  Philco is a somewhat quirky little diner with a limited bar and very good menu.  Sit at the counter, get the […]

Last minute dinner in DC.  Not much to say here…it was good Mexican, not excellent and not terrible.

Just like the other two others (Pointe and Park) which is not a bad thing.  Stupid COVID-19 took this place but fortunately it was replaced by a chef from another […]

Tight space but excellent food and service, save space for dessert.  When we’d go to Columbus, this was always on our short list to go back to.  Stupid COVID-19.

Be prepared and go hungry…like don’t eat for two days hungry.  Also, cheese whiz is awesome.  Gone due to stupid COVID-19.

For us it started with NACL then the Kickstarter campaign and now, after a long wait, dinner. Thoughtfully prepared food drawing inspiration from Braddock, its people, its history and its perseverance. The […]