Superior Motors

For us it started with NACL then the Kickstarter campaign and now, after a long wait, dinner.

Thoughtfully prepared food drawing inspiration from Braddock, its people, its history and its perseverance. The cuisine will best represent the eclectic style which has become a trademark of Chef Kevin Sousa.

Plenty has been written about the opening of Superior Motors and I’m sure plenty will be written about it now that it is open.  We went fairly early after it opened (2 weeks in) and there are still some rough edges but overall it’s an “experience” restaurant.  The room hits all the appropriate buttons when it comes to style.  Minimalistic bar, hardwood tables without linens, snazzy napkin/silverware holders, limited color palette.  We sat, not at a table, but right by the window at a bar table which gave us a nice view of the Edgar Thompson Steel Works.  The room is louder then we’d like (it’s also almost all concrete which does not help) but that might change over time. 

Service was excellent and everything was presented as you’d expect from Kevin Sousa.  Overall it was good but I think our second visit may prove to be better since the opening kinks will get worked out.

Kinks have all been worked out…food and drinks are as excellent as you would expect.

Closed by stupid COVID-19.  Another restaurant in a long line of restaurants left behind by Kevin Souse…sad to see.