NACL (Salt of the Earth)

Got to sit at the kitchen bar and watch all the cooking. Awesome experience and incredible food.

12/2/2011 – 2nd visit, just as good as the first. Dessert to die for.

7/27/2012– Back again, remarkably good food. The kitchen bar is really the way to go when eating here. This visit we had:

  • Peach, fresh cheese, curry, onion
  • Lamb Tartare – romaine, spring onion, caesar
  • Pork – red bean, oat, okra, chicory (Chicory is quite interesting n its own)
  • Chicken – carrot, pea, beet, sarsaparilla
  • Cheese – Taleggio, berry, pistachio, basil, excellent

They did make a Vesper Martini for me with Rose Lillet in place of the blonde Lillet – very nice change.

11/16/2012 – Back again, the girls had the pork with “chick pea fries” which were awesome and cooked beets (which I love.)  I had the duck.  All was excellent, as usual.