Always wanted to stop in but never took the time. Thanks stupid COVID-19.

Got my first “adult” bag here.  They always had great service and a great selection.  Seems like they kept up OK with the move to the Internet but stupid COVID-19 […]

I never really liked Zeke’s for some reason.  All nice people and all but their coffee never did it for me. Seems they shut down all their Pittsburgh operations.  Weird.

Beautiful restaurant in one of our new favorite areas of DC. Service was very good, cocktails were good and dinner was great. Lots of small plate options made for a […]

From the same folks that run one of our favorites, the Vandal. Great service and really great pastries (the ricotta honey toast was especially excellent)

Small, out of the way and far better than I would have expected.  This was an unfortunate stupid COVID-19 casualty.

Another great place for dinner in the Short North.  Philco is a somewhat quirky little diner with a limited bar and very good menu.  Sit at the counter, get the […]

Last minute dinner in DC.  Not much to say here…it was good Mexican, not excellent and not terrible.