A bar you have to be a member of to get in‚Ķour favorite kind ūüėČ

We always stop in for an afternoon glass of wine when we are in town and we always end up carrying a box out to the car.

Had the Dr J. (Very good) and the Cure (super spicy but good)

New coffee stop for us (when we are in Charlottesville we tend to go to Mudhouse) Good coffee and tasty bites for dinner.

Very nice stop for an afternoon snack.  Nice cheese and wine selection, great service.

Polar opposite of the previous coffee shop that was in the space.  Thats neither good or bad, just an observation.

Not in Lancaster, but we stopped by Harrisburg on our way home from our trip to Lancaster during stupid COVID-19. ¬†Nice little shop, would be a nifty place to hang […]