good chairs

We finally tried the Brick Shop post stupid COVID-19, cocktails and food were good as was the service.  since stupid COVID-19 decimated the service industry, the bartender took care of […]

Excellent service and a nice crowd.

The name is not in any way indicative of the establishment.

Very surprised by this one.  Cocktails were very unique, food was interesting and well done.  Service was good.

Nothing special.  Decent food but nothing to go back for.

Opened right before stupid COVID-19, Creative Coffee somehow survived in downtown Pittsburgh with a major loss of foot traffic.  Super friendly staff, good pastries and nifty looking interior.  

A very nice, upstairs location right tin Market Square.  Nice wine and cocktail selection and great staff.  Food was very good overall.

The bar in our DC 2021 hotel.  Nice selection given we were still in stupid COVID-19.  Great staff given the conditions and, all things considered, the food and cocktails were […]