COVID-19 Casualty

After moving from Eleven, Chef Stevens opened Union Standard.  The space is huge – three floors of dining with an enormous raw bar in the middle of it all. For […]

Inside the old YMCA building in East Liberty that is now an Ace Hotel, Whitfield fits into the “new East Liberty” better than most of the more established restaurants in […]

We’ve got a number of verygoodpizzaplaces in Pittsburgh and Pizza Taglio gets added to that list.  Great location and interior and a very nice menu of pizza options.  We had the La […]

Located in the space formally occupied by Notion the Twisted Frenchman does an excellent job of replacing Notion’s high end, very stylized presentation format in East Liberty. The space is small […]

I’d call the Carlton an “Old School Fancy” restaurant.  Located in the bottom of a down town skyscraper it’s one of those restaurants that feels like it’s been around for […]

Oh so old school. You get the big room with the circular seating, the ladies in the fancy hats serving and the zeppelin. Oh, the zeppelin, full of prime rib […]

Ever since going to Emeril’s restaurant in Vegas I’ve become cautious about going to a ‘celebrity’ chef restaurant. Our experiences (Emeril, Wolfgang Puck, frontera grill, etc) have been that they […]

Overall it’s a good place for go.  Be prepared to wait, they are a little slow.  Some might say deliberate, others would say slow.  I lean towards the latter.  Slow […]

So we went to Station Street Hot Dogs today and that reminded me that I had not put the O in this list yet. That travesty has now been rectified. […]