21st Street Coffee and Tea

Overall it’s a good place for go.  Be prepared to wait, they are a little slow.  Some might say deliberate, others would say slow.  I lean towards the latter.  Slow isn’t always bad…an afternoon espresso and the front page of the Times is not a bad way to end lunch.

They use and sell Intelligentsia coffee & tea so it’s not local but it is good.

So, I’ve had a change of heart about this place (including the shop at PNC.)  The more I go the more I like it.  I like that they take their time and try to make the best possible espresso drink they can.  I like that they ask their new customers to try their coffee black before adding loads of sugar and milk to it.  I like the fact that they offer aero press and pour over coffee.  The folks that work here at very nice and very quiet which, while takes getting used to, is nice.

And, they have bubbly water on tab at the PNC shop…nice touch.