Brunch and a movie

So, we went to “Cine Brunch” at the Oakmont Theater to see The Wizard of Oz and have brunch.

First things first, old theaters are awesome.  Beyond that, the Oakmont Bakery (who provided the food) is very good as was “made in house” popcorn.

Brunch was quiche, bacon and an assortment of pastries along with coffee & juice.  All was good and made for a nice, slow morning.

Don’t need to say much about the movie, The Wizard of OZ is loads of fun.  The one downside, it was not film (digital :-() so it felt a little like watching a really big TV as opposed to a movie for some reason.  Things were kicked off by the local librarian telling a few stories about the creation of the original story (do you know where the name OZ came from?)

Turns out the theater does these on a regular basis; you do need tickets in advance so plan ahead.


Have fun…