Recommended by a very nice waitress at dinner one night dinner one night, Goddess And the Baker was a local bakery/restaurant/coffee bar.  For all it’s size, the main tourist area […]

There were two bakeries near our hotel on our DC 2021 trip, Tatte and In je ne said Quoi….  Tatte was the place to go to been seen, In je […]

A French bakery with a line, something we are both familiar with and look for.  To top it off, they had great apple juice 😉

Had a take-out lunch cheese tray and goodies from here during stupid COVID-19.  Nice cheese selection.

Since we were living in stupid COVID-19 times, restaurants started to branch out and do other things to stay afloat. Driftwood has always been known for their pizza but during […]

Dinner was so good we went back for breakfast the next morning. The KONAFI (Mozzarella, Pistachios, Maple Syrup) was one of the most unique desserts we’ve had in a long […]

My Friday morning stop after coffee with Espresso A Mano.  Get a rustic apple tart, pop it in the oven to warm it, add whipped cream…can’t get much better than […]

They have coffee (and it’s good) They have toast with Nutella and sea salt (which is super good) Need I say more?