Union Standard

After moving from Eleven, Chef Stevens opened Union Standard.  The space is huge – three floors of dining with an enormous raw bar in the middle of it all.

For our first visit, we went after it had only been open for a week so I think there are still kinks to be worked out.  The food was good and the service was friendly but it felt a little like a hotel restaurant.  I think my expectations were too high, I was hoping for a newer version of Eleven and, while this is new, it’s different.  I’m sure we’ll go back and I’m sure it will continue to get better.

After the first visit things got better and better. We’d typically stop in before a hockey game and eat at the bar. Excellent bar service. We ate here with a group of friends after seeing Hamilton and they took very good care of us even though the weather was terribly cold that evening.  It’s a shame that stupid COVID-19 brought down such a good spot.