This place exceeded expectations.  The hotel it’s in is beautiful, the room and bar are classic.  The piano singer was great (nearly all American classics but a few Beatles songs […]

If you are a history buff, especially a WWII history buff you really need to visit the Churchill War Rooms. As the story goes, after the end of WWII, the […]

Westminster Abbey is one of those iconic places you have to visit when in London. Westminster Abbey is one of those iconic places everyone visits when they are in London. […]

A small, French restaurant we visited one evening.  Great service and atmosphere, food was fantastic. We only ever buy 10 cases of the wines that you will find on our […]

Another in a long line of amazing churches that we’ve had the good fortune to visit. If you have the chance to visit be sure to take the walk to […]

The day we visited St Paul’s Cathedral we also met up with Anna-Louise who we met through work. She took us to Madison for cocktails.  Madison is on top of […]

Great recommendation, nothing like Pittsburgh’s