Churchill War Rooms

If you are a history buff, especially a WWII history buff you really need to visit the Churchill War Rooms.

As the story goes, after the end of WWII, the bunker Churchill used as a command post during the war was sealed up and forgotten about.  In 1984 the Imperial War Museum took control and opened the bunker for tours.  There is so much history that was left behind in these rooms you really get a feel for what it must have been like (minus the cigar smoke)

My favorite facts about he War Rooms:

  • Most highly ranked individuals knew it would not survive a direct hit from a V-2 rocket
  • Churchill hated noise so he imported special, noiseless typewriters from the US for use in the bunker
  • There is a Hitler doodle on a map done by a high ranking military official

Read more at Atlas Obscura and if you go remember, no whistling.