COVID-19 Takeout

Restaurants that we had take out from during stupid COVID-19. We tried our best to visit our regular hangouts as much as possible.

An odd combination of plants and coffee but good espresso.

Nice small shop with pastries from La Gourmadine

It’s fried chicken and fries, nothing super fancy. We’ll get it to go, stop for a bubble tea and then go eat at “our” table between The University of Pittsburgh […]

Large black tea, no flavor, milk or sweetener, regular ice with popping Lychee thank you very much… Order dinner at Hello Bistro, order one of the above online while your […]

Another right in our neighborhood restaurant that took us longer to visit than it should have. Food was excellent, service (yes, it was take out) was just as good. Another […]

Same owners as two of our favorites, Pusadee’s Garden and Noodlehead, same great food. The spring rolls are a must.

We typically enjoy the Big Burrito Group’s restaurants and this is no exception. That being said, our first dinner was take out during COVID-19 but it was still excellent. Can’t […]

A long time favorite (how’d it take so long for me to post it online?) My goto: Grilled cheeses on rye with brown mustard, pickle on the side and an […]

Our somewhat regular stop after a morning at the Bloomfield Farmer’s Market. Super nice people and well made coffee. Typically they have a nifty latte that makes for something new […]