COVID-19 Takeout

Excellent coffee, great space, loud music. Since our first visit was during stupid COVID-19 we could not sit and enjoy (we had to sit outside on the sidewalk which was […]

Same owners as two of our favorites, Pusadee’s Garden and Noodlehead, same great food. The spring rolls are a must.

We typically enjoy the Big Burrito Group’s restaurants and this is no exception. That being said, our first dinner was take out during stupid COVID-19 but it was still excellent. […]

A long time favorite (how’d it take so long for me to post it online?) My goto: Grilled cheeses on rye with brown mustard, pickle on the side and an […]

Our somewhat regular stop after a morning at the Bloomfield Farmer’s Market during stupid COVID-19. Super nice people and well made coffee. Typically they have a nifty latte that makes […]

Yep, we shop here for food normally but during this mess we are using them for take-out.

The shelves are high and tight full of Italian goodies. The deli counter has great options and the wedding soup cures all ills.

No chair rating for this as we have only had takeout but the takeout was fabulous so I’m sure we’ll be eating in sooner or later.