Italy 2018

Our 20th Anniversary dinner in Venice, on the second floor of the building overlooking St Mark’s Square.  Can it get any better? As always, I read a bunch of reviews […]

Huge bottle of grappa (just a digestive glass worth, not the entire huge bottle) and one of the friendliest and proud waiters we had during our entire trip. The food […]

Our local pizza place, you but it by the “I’ll take this much” holding your hands apart to size the piece. They weigh it and heat it back up in […]

It’s an odd place to walk around and it didn’t seem worth the ticket prices at first but once you get to the top…the view and the Michael the Archangel […]

Make sure to talk to the folks around you at dinner when you travel. Always makes for a more enjoyable evening and trip.

Some churches ask for donations in exchange for lighting a candle, this one turns the church lights on for a donation…

It’s a store, right by Vatican City, that sells all things priest. Need a priest collar? They have it. Need a vestment. Yep, they have those. Need a Cincture? Take […]