A proper coffee shop in Pinehurst Village.  Super friendly people and always a nice crowd.  The fact that it’s in the bookstore makes it even better.

We stopped at the Leadmine for a drink before dinner with Michele and Jeff.  Very neat space. They had just opened and the bartender was eager to talk.  We could […]

A small restaurant in Southern Pines that we had dinner at with Michele and Jeff during our annual Pinehurst trip. Nice small, quite space.  Great food (even the oysters) and […]

Had Drinks one evening with Mr Taiclet while we were having dinner.

We’ve been going to Pinehurst for years now and early on we found Chef Warren’s. We went back this year (2016) for the first time in a long time with […]

So we went with our good friends Michele and Jeff when they first opened.  Great interior space (you can tell they put a bunch of money into the entire place) […]

Always crowded and always good.  Fit a table, sit down and fill out the checkbox menu, get your drink and enjoy the crowd. The food is nothing special but the […]

Easily one of my favorite places to visit when we’re in Pinehurst.  I’ve been going for more than 10 years and will always go back when in town.  The bar […]