We’ve been wanting to go to the Vandal since it opened but just never made our way there so on a Saturday, while we were putzing around L’Ville we finally […]

We’ve got a number of verygoodpizzaplaces in Pittsburgh and Pizza Taglio gets added to that list.  Great location and interior and a very nice menu of pizza options.  We had the La […]

Get there early and request a window seat to watch the noodle making. Go hungry and order lots of different dishes…leftovers make for a great lunch/dinner the next day. The […]

While it took us a while to get to the Crested Duck Charcuterie we knew, from having had some of their homemade sausages in the past, that it was going […]

Awesome but small.  If you’re going and the weather is bad (like the day we went) prepare to stand. Food is excellent, service is as well.

I’m not sure were to start with notion.  The menu is either a 4 or 6 course menu, fixed price.  Normally they offer a starter, seafood, meat and dessert as […]