Lola Bistro

  1. Stop reading this and call for reservations
  2. Pick out a nice bottle of wine for dinner
  3. Go eat

Lola is fantastic. Run by a husband and wife team that make it seem somewhat like you are eating at home Lola is well worth trying. I say somewhat because I doubt you cook this well, and I’m sure you don’t make a Russian Honey Cake that’s anywhere close to as good as the one they make. Everything was thoughtfully put together and served without fuss but sometimes without fuss makes for great eating.

To top it off it was a cold, rainy night which made it more appealing.

The one and only negative – flat chairs; Oh how I hate flat, uncomfortable chairs.

We had:

  • CASSOULET – Duck confit, beef and lamb, house bacon, cannellini, tomato, fresh herbs and crostini
  • CHICKEN POT PIE – Amish farmed and served in a house made pastry bowl
  • The Russian Honey Cake (Of course)

So, you’ve made your reservations already, right?


So, we went back with Mindy on 1/26. Please, please go eat here. We really want this place to stick around, the food is really fantastic. The girls had the Chicken Pot Pie while I had the daily special. For a starter we split the cheese/charcuterie (Goose pate, oh my) and a bowl of potato/Gouda soup (holy cow was that excellent.) We had the Russian cake again (just made.)