Bread and Salt

So you start to hear about a new place that’s going to sell bread.  Then you hear they are selling pizza.  Then your friends say it’s the best pizza in the city.  Then you read about it in the local paper and then in the national foodie news.  Time to pay a visit.

So we did, on a Friday at 5:00PM (they are open until 7:00.)  They were sold out.  “Come early next time” we were told.  So I did…8:30 AM.  While the pizza wasn’t ready yet the bread and other goodies were and they were worth the wait.  We love local bread and this ranks right up there with the best of them.

Now we have to go back for the pizza for sure…we’ll just go early (but not so early.)

Pizza was awesome but now they are closed – sad 🙁