Our local pizza place, you but it by the “I’ll take this much” holding your hands apart to size the piece. They weigh it and heat it back up in […]

One of the three restaurants at Sienna Mercato, Mezzo is the second floor pizza place.  (Emporio and Il Tetto are the others) As their menu says ” Enjoy gourmet Italian fare […]

We’ve got a number of very good pizza places in Pittsburgh and Pizza Taglio gets added to that list. Great location and interior and a very nice menu of pizza options. […]

So you start to hear about a new place that’s going to sell bread.  Then you hear they are selling pizza.  Then your friends say it’s the best pizza in […]

Traditionally we’ve gone to Giordano’s for pizza when we’re in the windy city. The problem: the small is huge so you can’t go for lunch (it’s too big) and there […]

Our first visit was to the Market Square location. A beautiful interior but a bit loud since it’s so open. Food & service were very good, wine list was excellent.  We’ll […]

So, when you visit Giordano’s you need to bring those pants with the expanding sides. The pizza here is huge and very good. You’ll want a bite of that last […]