Avenue B

It’s a shame we didn’t post this earlier since Avenue B is in the ‘top tier’ of the Pittsburgh restaurants right now. Service is always good and it’s not so loud you can’t hear anything.

My only gripe (and I have this with lots of restaurants) is that the chairs are rather uncomfortable but I’d rather take that over loud and cramped any day.

Food is exceptional and creative. Both the popcorn and olive oil ice cream are crazy good.

On a visit with Mary & Ken we had:

    • Crispy chevre, celery, fava beans & blueberries, strawberry vinaigrette
    • Sweet potato and black bean taquitos, piquillo coulis, poblano crema¬†
  • Mary Catherine had the Grilled eggplant and broccolini Manicotti, smoked marinara, sweet pepper and olive relish
  • Mary and I both had the Veal medallions, grilled peach, white bean & arugula salad, caramel miso demi (yum)
  • Ken had the Crispy soft shell crab & dayboat scallop, mixed vegetable slaw, carrot ginger coulis, spicy aioli

A nice bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay to go along with it all and we had a wonderful dinner (not to mention the chocolate and peach deserts)

We’ve been back again and again…