Enrico’s First Friday Dinner

The First Friday dinner is a throw-down/family style dinner with friends and people you don’t know. Lots and lots of good food served in the repurposed auto garage that is the Enrico cafe.  We’ve gone on several occasions now with a bunch of different friends and each time we’ve had great fun and food…

6/2/12 With Shelly & Andy just for dinner.  We had some great wine (a 2007 Shafer Chardonnay, Veuve Clicquot and a very nice Cabernet) and very good food.

Back again on 11/2/12 Different group this time but same results. Lots of great wine, food and stories. This time we had just toured Wigle Whiskey and had a tasting. If you have not tried one of these dinners yet go sign up for one now, they really are lots of fun.

Another visit on 5/3/13 New group of friend, same results.  This was also after another fun Wigle Whiskey tour.  I think we sold some of our guests on both Ricotta pie and peanut butter omelets 😉