Bar Marco

We had a quick first visit because we had reservations elsewhere for dinner, but we will be going back for sure.

The cocktails were well crafted and there were tons of great ones to choose from.

The cheese tray was just the right size albeit a little pricey and the service was great.

– Update –

We’ve been back, again and again…and we’ll keep going back. Good stuff and we love the fact that the cocktails are in ‘old-school glasses’ and not so big.

– Update –

and again…and again.  Turns out their food is very good as well.

At our last visit one of the owners gave us a taste of “Elixir Vegetal” a Chartreuse which was both good and bad.  Good because it tasted so good, bad because it’s not available in the US (since it’s called an “Elixir”) ugh…