Sharing Knives

Justin Severino needs no introduction — a virtuoso in the kitchen, his butchering prowess and favoring of seasonal ingredients from neighborhood farms has garnered him ample accolades for his restaurants Cure and Morcilla. For the next installment of Sharing Knives, Justin joins Whitfield’s Chef Beth for Dinner Party, an easy, intimate affair in tune with a summer soiree in Provence.

Whitfield’s Sharing Knives is a monthly collaborative dinner series helmed by Chef Beth and features guest chefs from Pittsburgh and other cities. 

Wow, this was excellent.  A co-worker of mine had it right; the best way to eat Justin Severino’s food is not to go to his restaurant and pick off the menu, you go and have him make you dinner.  Everything from the appetizers to the sides to the main course was wonderful.  The paired wines and cocktails were well chosen and served appropriately.  You know it was a good meal when we all ate and drank a lot but didn’t go home full (or drunk.)