fish nor foul

Located in the space that was originally NACL, fish nor foul looks a lot like it’s predecessor with a few substantial changes.  Gone is the chalkboard wall menu, replaced by a growing wall of greenery.  Once it the kitchen bar for eating and watching the chefs.  The menu is still on the small side (call it focused) which is good and the coffee is still well done (Chemed replaced the French press pots)

We went just a few weeks after they opened but the kinks seemed to be worked out already.    We ate upstairs, something we had never done at NACL, and liked it.  The downside…the chairs, flat as they were before.

Cocktails and food was very good and well presented.  That being said, our choice for dessert, the chocolate, buckwheat honey, bee pollen, basil, was “interesting”. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t particularly memorable either.