Pump Room

This has been on out to try list for a longish time so on our 2013 trip we stopped in before dinner at Del Frisco’s.  We sat in the library/fireplace room bar which was full of comfy seating and a very nice looking bar (and lots of waitresses in very high heels & short skirts.)  The main bar, which we only got to walk through, was stunning. It’s a golden hued “cave” of a bar tucked between the entrance to the restaurant and the lobby of the Public Hotel in Chicago.

The library bar; and by library I mean a place for a few magazines – there’s no reading here, just people watching was a great spot to people watch.   This entire place looked very well suited for a rock band. Very minimalist yet hip interior. A well stocked bar and a short, but tasty menu of snacks.  We had a glass of champagne, a gin martini and a salumi tray…all very nicely put together. Since we had the time we had a second round of drinks before heading of to dinner. (We would have been better served to stay here for dinner but it’s Chicago and we always have at least on steak dinner.)

If you’re in Chicago slip into your skinny jeans, leather jacket, dark sunglasses and head over to the PUMPROOM.