COVID-19 Cocktail

Cocktails we made during stupid COVID-19

25 ml Pimm’s No.1 25 ml Gordon’s Gin 25 ml fresh lime juice Dash of sugar syrup Cucumber slice Mint leaves Muddle cucumber, mint leaves, and sugar syrup in a […]

One of our take-out cocktails from Legume (aka Butterjoint all Day) Boyd & Blair Vodka Green Chartreuse St. Germain Lemon Juice Nice and tasty.

Two ounces of Malbec wine One ounce of lemon juice One ounce of homemade ginger syrup Add a lot of ice, and decorate with a lemon wedge, berries, and fresh […]

Well, this isn’t exact as he used vodka to make what he called a “martini” but since we all know a martini is gin based… 1 jigger of good dry […]

1 oz gin 1 oz sloe gin 1 oz Campari 1 oz sweet vermouth Combine with ice, stir. Filter over large ice cube in rocks glass with orange twist

My version: 1/4 oz lemon juice heavy pinch of sugar 1 oz whiskey 1 oz sloe gin 1 dash absinthe 1 dash orange bitters Add the lemon juice and sugar […]

1 oz Beebop 1 oz rye whiskey 1/2 oz sweet vermouth Stir with ice, strain into cocktail with twist of orange.

1 oz bourbon 1 oz Punt e Mes 3 drops of Fernet Branca Stir with ice then filter into a nice cocktail glass with a cherry

2 1/2 oz Campari Lemon juice (to your liking, I use a heavy squeeze of a lemon) Combine with ice and shake (yes shake), filter and serve over a single […]

So easy…make an Aperol spritz but grab the Carpano bottle instead of the Aperol bottle.