Soter Vineyards

We took a day trip to the Willamette Valley for the day and stopped in at Soter Vineyards at the recommendation of several people in downtown Portland. The recommendations were well deserved. Great staff, facility, views and wine. The facility was originally a deconstructed 3 part house of the Soter family. The main house was for dining and family living while the two, smaller houses were bedrooms for the parents and the children.

The main house is now a party space and the two bedroom houses are tasting rooms.

When you park you’re met by a member of the tasting staff with a glass of wine. You have time to walk around before being taken down to a tasting house with another couple for a tasting of some Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a very nice Rose. Our gudie spent a nice bit of time with us and the other couple talking about the wines, the area and the family.

All in all, a wonderful place to stop by and visit if you’re anywhere nearby.