Lardo, Rabbit, Chocolate Souffle – totally awesome. I never thought I would like it but I really did.

Update: 10/5/12 So we went back and got to eat at the kitchen bar this time. The time taken by the chefs to prepare the dishes and get them out to people is amazing. Lots of fun watching the scallops being cut, the beets being arranged and the cheeses being laid out.

We split the Beets: smoked, hay roasted and pickled, hazelnut pear butter, smoked blue cheese mousse, endive, pumpkin seed oil, brioch, hazelnut brittle MC liked the smoked I preferred the pickled… (

Mary Catherine had the Pappardelle which was light an lemony

I had the Miller Family Farm Duck Confit: spiced red cabbage, dates, butternut squash puree, orange, vanilla, smoked walnut – Awesome, totally awesome. (

For dessert we had the Farmstead Cheeses: Rogue, Smokey Blue, OR, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Aged Swiss, WI Bijou, Aged Goat, VT Midnight Dream Goat, PA, Stone Meadows, Taleggio, PA Outstanding.