“Kentuck Knob, also known as the Hagan House, is a residence designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in rural Stewart Township near the village of Chalk Hill, Fayette […]

The home of the Spruce Goose (and lots of other flying things.) This was our second visit here. Since our first visit they have built the Space Museum and added […]

Pictures do not do this place justice and words cannot describe it. From Wikipedia: Begun some time after 1238 and consecrated on 26 April 1248,[2] the Sainte-Chapelle is considered among […]

Amazing. One of the single most amazing things we saw in the city. Some of the most beautiful stone work you will ever see not to mention the massive tomb […]

A very interesting museum focused on the French military and their war involvement.  A very different take on WWII from what we are used to seeing.  We did get to […]