Right across the street from where we were staying, the Bohemian house was a quick walk for dinner. Room was comfortable, they went with the old plate and silverware thing […]

Stopped in for dinner on a trip to Columbus for work.  Karen joined me for dinner and, even though it was mid October, we got to sit outside. Food was […]

Just a block away from my coffee shop and right in the middle of L’ville, Roasted has a snazzy set of seats out front and a nice interior.  Food was very […]

The idea behind the Smallman Galley is a neat one…Give chefs a space to work at a low cost so they have a chance to see if their ideas and […]

Never ended up getting here before it closed in 2018

Never ended up getting here before it closed

Inside the old YMCA building in East Liberty that is now an Ace Hotel, Whitfield fits into the “new East Liberty” better than most of the more established restaurants in […]