Casa Reyna

After a nice walk around the city doing some people watching during Arts Festival/Pride week we stopped at Andy’s for a cocktail then went down to the strip district to try Casa Reyna out for dinner.

Down the steps into the restaurant and you’ll find lots of bright art, big tables and chairs and good food.

We split the chips and salsa (Casera & Chipotle) and a pitcher of sangria – the sangria was a little sweet for my liking but the salsa made up for it.

We had the Chilles Rellenos (Mary Catherine), Anchos Rellenos (Mindy) and the Tamal Oaxaqueno (Me) none of which were pronounced properly as we were ordering 😉

All were good, especially the black beans that came with the Tamal Oaxaqueno.

Good stuff, It felt like they were still working out some of the ‘new restaurant’ kinks.  We’ll be going back for sure.