When we planned this trip I made the Aviary reservations right away…then I read some online reviews and started to get a bit nervous.  I read things like “pretentious”, “over priced”, “snotty”, etc…  Even during the UBER there I was questioning my choice.

My worry could not have been more out of line.

Once you get past the check in at the door you make a quick stop at the “kitchen” then you are taken to your “table.”  This is not your typical bar, there is not long wood bar with stools and there is no bar tender.  Instead you get a waiter that takes care of you all evening and helps you navigate the menu.

You start off with a small cocktail starter then off you you.  Intermingled with the cocktails are small bits to munch on and a little coat delivering minute goods from the restaurant.  We didn’t have dinner beforehand but had plenty to eat.  The cocktails are amazing and the service was excellent.  Each cocktail is presented, not just dropped off.  There is explanation about the ingredients, how it was made and, in some cases, how to drink it.

All in all, an awesome experience.  I’d consider this a destination experience just like the Jules Verne, Charlie Palmer’s or Restaurant Le Continental.  We will be going back.