Yep, we bought a lock, found an open spot, locked it on the bridge and tossed the key into the river Seine.

A nice dinner for us not to far from our hotel. Great service with, as usual, no rushing to get us out. We sat, annoyed dinner and watched as the […]

Amazing. One of the single most amazing things we saw in the city. Some of the most beautiful stone work you will ever see not to mention the massive tomb […]

A very interesting museum focused on the French military and their war involvement.  A very different take on WWII from what we are used to seeing.  We did get to […]

Easily one of the best meals we had on this trip and one of my favorite dinners.  We sat at the bar right at the kitchen end of things so […]

This was one of the neatest places we found.  Beautiful interior, great staff, awesome pastries.  The interior was over the top yet the staff made it comfortable. We had a […]

By far, the smallest tables we found in Paris.  We had a Pimm’s Royal and a Gin Fizz (which was all fizz, no gin) This place is on a corner […]

One of the places I really wanted to go in Paris to eat after seeing it on the Anthony Bourdain Paris show.  Since they don’t take reservations I had my […]

A little snack, toast and coffee, nothing much else.