Chicago 2021

Since stupid COVID-19 was “over” and we could travel again we took a trip to Chicago over the extended 4th of July weekend to get away to somewhere familiar. While there were stupid COVID-19 protocols in place we were able to enjoy the city like we normally would. Typically, we go over Thanksgiving so the people watching was different but still big city fun. The aftermath of stupid COVID-19 was visible, lots of closed shops and lots of restaurants that were either shuttered or operating with limited staff. Photos

There are so many public parks in the city of Chicago and each has something to make the visit worth while.  Some have great views of the city, some have […]

Nothing special.  Decent food but nothing to go back for.

We’ve been coming to Chicago for years and years and have crossed the Michigan Ave bridge dozens of times each trip.  Each time we’d say it was too cold or […]

Much more enjoyable than I expected.  The “show” lasted about 30 minutes and it was immersive.  The tech used was exceptional and the way the interwove Van Gogh paintings in […]

Nice little neighborhood Italian restaurant off the typical Michigan/Rush/State street destinations we tend to go to.  Simple menu but turned out to be just what we needed on a hot […]

Recommended by a very nice waitress at dinner one night dinner one night, Goddess And the Baker was a local bakery/restaurant/coffee bar.  For all it’s size, the main tourist area […]

The typical mall food court if the typical mall food court had a face lift, got all new clothes and jewelry and went to the CIA and learned to make […]

Nothing you need, everything you want.

A little more mainstream than our other coffee shop visit for the day.  Good but not great.