Last time we were in DC the new Capitol visitor’s center was being built.  This time it was done and we got the chance to visit.  Wow. Fortunately, the restoration […]

We’ve been to Shake Shack several cities (Boston, Chicago, Washington DC) and they are always good for a quick lunch. In Boston we had a Vanilla shake blended with black […]

Eataly is massive.  It’s two floors in the middle of downtown Chicago of just about everything Italian food you can think of. Coffee, gelato, a Nutella bar, Cheese, bread, wine, […]

Oh so old school. You get the big room with the circular seating, the ladies in the fancy hats serving and the zeppelin. Oh, the zeppelin, full of prime rib […]

So, when you visit Giordano’s you need to bring those pants with the expanding sides. The pizza here is huge and very good. You’ll want a bite of that last […]