There are so many things to say about Nemacolin.  

  • It’s big
  • There’s a lot to do
  • There’s a lot to see
  • It’s disjointed
  • It’s expensive and I can’t say why…

Think of your older, weird uncle.  The uncle that likes to fish and hunt and collect scarves (?), art work, jazz musician sculptures (?), Frank Lloyd Wright type thing, super expensive Tiffany Lamp, books and huge, outdoor  animal sculptures.  The same uncle that has a painting of himself above his fireplace (really) and really bad wallpaper in the upstairs of the house.  Outside he built birdhouse that looks like a motorcycle and a victorian pool house even though he lives in a small, traditionally american suburban neighborhood.

That’s the guy that built this place and it’s just as weird.  It’s nice and all but it’s a disjointed weird.

The staff is great, very helpful and friendly but it’s still weird.

It may be unfair but I’m comparing it to other places we have stayed over the years that were not as expensive and not anywhere as weird.