Cafe Integral at the Freehand

So this place is a bar/restaurant that’s part of what they call a “Hotel | Hostel” which is code for “lots of confused hipsters trying to take care of you.”

We stopped in for breakfast which seemed interesting…

cafe completo – buttered toast, jam, citrus juice, cortado

…I read that as toast and jam with OJ and coffee.  They read that as toast with jam and salt (which was surprisingly good) and a cup.

The restaurant is part of the downstairs communal area so you’re looking for seating (they actually have several piles of pillows and blankets so people can sit on the floor, or take a nap?) while hunting for sugar or a table.  It’s all very dark, lots of indirect lighting with people sort of stumbling around everywhere.  It looked like, if you stayed at the hotel, you got a breakfast of Croissant, apple and cup to fill with whatever you could find.

The breakfast wasn’t so bad…it’s toast, can’t screw that up.  The coffee was good and the OJ…I’ll let you know when I get it.

For nothing else it’s worth stopping at for the people watching, just take your own sugar.