Food Shop

Yep, we shop here for food normally but during this mess we are using them for take-out.

A very small version of Eataly (with a very friendly staff)

Not as big as Chicago but nearly the same otherwise. Eataly is always busy for good reason, the food is good and the service is friendly and fast.

Eataly is massive.  It’s two floors in the middle of downtown Chicago of just about everything Italian food you can think of. Coffee, gelato, a Nutella bar, Cheese, bread, wine, […]

This place was in a set of shops right across the street from our hotel.  They have some very good marshmallows and gumdrops (they also sell some local chocolate and […]

Let’s see… Fancy French pastries…check Well made coffee and espresso drinks…check Overpriced snacks and prepared foods…check This place is nice to have in town but calling it a grocery is […]