1796 Room at Bedford Springs

While we’ve been to Bedford Springs Resort on a few occasions, we’ve always had dinner at the Frontier Tavern.  Since this visit was right around my birthday we decided on trying out the 1796 Room which bills itself as “World-class cuisine at our signature steak and chophouse.

The room is decorated in the same style as most of the resort…leaning towards the late 1700s when the original resort was built.  Wine on the left, rifles on the right…nice.  Our waitress was great, very friendly and helpful.  The steaks were excellent, prepared just how we asked (medium towards well for Mary Catherine; medium rare for me)  The salads were good (I, per steakhouse standards, got the wedge which was surprisingly small very tasty) but the sides had a little to be desired.  Their wine list was good, albeit a tad over priced.

They did bring a little birthday surprise out for me.  All in all, a very nice dinner – I’d go back again for sure.

So we did go back in January of 2017, food was good, wine list was the same.  I really wish this place had a better bar, the atmosphere is so comfortable and relaxed it really deserves a better cocktail.