Travel Apps

A while back I wrote about apps on your mobile devices and how they can be productive. In the four short months since that article went live there have been countless additions to both the Apple and Google app stores as well as new devices ( the iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface to name a few ) to use apps on.

So we know apps exist and we have a very high level understanding of some basic precautions you should take when using them. Now it’s time to learn about some of the more useful apps out there. We are going to focus on travel-related apps; we’ll look at other app categories in upcoming months.

In the basic travel app category, I’d list apps like Kayak Pro and Orbitz. These apps are mobile counterparts to the online service, giving you access to information and services on the go. My personal favorite travel app is Tripit – Travel Organizer. Splurge for the $.99 version to eliminate the ads. With Tripit you can consolidate all your travel plans into one app including flight details, car rentals, hotel confirmations and other reservations. Tripit eliminates double entry by allowing you to simply forward the itinerary you get from the airline or hotel to them and they will electronically add it to your mobile app. You get the added benefit of local weather, directions and maps all in one nice little app.

Now, if you’re anything like my wife, you’ll also want to get AAA Mobile for your mobile device. With AAA mobile you’ll get all the benefits of AAA’s TripTiks and those city books we used to have to lug around right on your phone. Now I don’t have to lug the paper; she can read all she wants about local attractions and hours of operation right from her iPad.

There are hundreds of apps out there for travel that will help keep you organized and help you find your way if you get lost while on the road. Find an app and take a trip. Next up, apps that tame all those loyalty cards you always forget at home.