Places we’ve eaten

We love Dinette so there is no reason we wouldn’t like Cafe Carnegie.  This was the much needed upgrade to the previous Carnegie Museum restaurant which, in ten years of membership, […]

It amazes me how many places like this we’ve not been to.  We’ve lived across the river from Hoffstot’s for years now and never made a visit.  It’s as old school […]

Reminded us both a little of a brighter version of Quartino in Chicago.  Service was good and the room was buzzing (very loudly, but buzzing).  Food was good but a […]


Great chips, dinner was good but a little heavy.  You can’t beat the view.

For us it started with NACL then the Kickstarter campaign and now, after a long wait, dinner. Thoughtfully prepared food drawing inspiration from Braddock, its people, its history and its perseverance. The […]

Justin Severino needs no introduction — a virtuoso in the kitchen, his butchering prowess and favoring of seasonal ingredients from neighborhood farms has garnered him ample accolades for his restaurants […]

Our second visit to Charlie Palmer’s in DC.  The first time we went (back in 2004) we ended up going and having a great experience (for a number of reasons.) […]

Since it made EATER’s 15 hottest restaurants to try for July 2017 we thought we’d visit.  It’s a huge place with great service.  It’s loud but the bar and food […]

A small, French restaurant we visited one evening.  Great service and atmosphere, food was fantastic. We only ever buy 10 cases of the wines that you will find on our […]