Places we’ve eaten

Go to Dallas, home of TexMex, big steak and beer and go to … a fancy French restaurant?  Yep, and we’d do it again if we go back.

Thought we’d have a steak while we were in Dallas…it was a little of an afterthought.  This wasn’t bad but not great either.  Nice service but….

“Fancy” Mexican.  Great room and service.  Very nice wine list. Food was not typical by any means but very, very good.

Everything is bigger in Texas and dinner here was no exception.  We ordered our typical “few small bite dishes” so we could try a few different things and ended up […]

Wait in line for a donut…?  For Voodoo you do and it really is worth it.  If you go, go big (we had 4 between the two of us). You’ll […]

In the space left behind by an old favorite, The Livermore, Lorelei goes one step farther.  Similar drink selection but expanded food and an upscaled interior.