Places we’ve eaten

Birthday dinner! Typical Deshantz restaurant, well done interior, lots of staff, quality cocktails, wine and food.  We sat at the bar for a bit then headed to the kitchen table […]

Right in our own neighborhood and we never go.  Shame on us.

Beautiful, minimal interior.  Good bar and wine list.  Initially I thought the menu was limited but once we were there you realize it’s not.  Lots of well presented options. We […]

We didn’t eat there, they were having a fund raiser that included a take-out dinner for two so we ordered tow and had dinner with the Antols.  Of course there […]

The Federal Galley is the same idea as its sister location, Smallman Galley but it’s much bigger and has a bunch of outdoor seating options. For our first visit we […]

We stopped in on a very cold evening after seeing The Last Jedi.  Good tacos, simple & quick service.

We had dinner at Roister’s after our excellent visit to The Office.  We made sure to reserve the “Hearth Reservation” so we could sit near the kitchen. As expected, the […]

After a long day of post Thanksgiving day shopping we stopped in for a little bite to eat.  Great view and really good food.