Apps Are Everywhere, and They Really Can Help You Be Productive

Several months ago my in-laws got new smartphones. One of the main reasons they wanted new phones was because they both wanted “apps.” At the time, they really didn’t understand what an app was or how they would use it; they just knew they wanted them. This tells me that advertising still works, and apps are officially everywhere.

Since smartphone apps are everywhere these days maybe it’s time for you to take a look at what’s out there in the app universe that could help you become more productive and save a little time (and possibly a little sanity).

A few caveats to keep in mind: 

  • If your mobile device is provided by your employer there may be restrictions on what you can install on the device
  • Your mobile device can be easily lost or stolen
  • Apps are not always transferrable. Moving from an Android device to an iPhone will cause you to loose all your apps

There are lots of apps that give you access to banking, medical or other sensitive information. While the app may be secure and encrypted (be sure that it is), keep this in mind: You want to maintain complex passwords on your smartphone apps in the same way that you do for non-smartphone apps and websites. Entering a complex password like “@S3cuR3p@sS” is easy on your computer, not so easy on your smartphone. You don’t want to reduce the complexity of your passwords just to make access easier on your mobile device. Think twice about allowing an app to save your password. If your phone is stolen, the thief potentially has access to some very private information.

With that out of the way, what kind of apps might help you out? Stay tuned for apps that can help with managing travel, to-dos, loyalty cards and more.